My Missing Mind - a movie by Jacob Savoie

                                                                                                      My Missing Mind - a movie by Jacob Savoie


For more than 15 years Encephalitis Global has focused on helping others. In particular, we want survivors and caregivers to know that they are not alone. Over and over again, people everywhere around the globe struggle to find compassion and support. They struggle to interact with others who understand, particularly when even their medical professional admits that s/he has never before dealt with a case of encephalitis. Every day in our Forums, Encephalitis Global is happy to share information (and the website address) of other encephalitis groups and charities which we feel could be of help.

Recently, a Louisiana-born encephalitis survivor contacted Encephalitis Global about his remarkable project to raise awareness.    It all started back in 2007 when Jacob Savoie was 22 years old and in his final year at Louisiana State University.  Encephalitis caused him to not finish that year.  (Click 225 Baton Rouge Magazine to read more of his story.)  

Jacob is currently creating a movie about his journey to recovery from encephalitis.  The film will be about the ups & downs for family & friends as Jacob strives to get back on track.   

But, Jacob needs our help.

As you can imagine, the creation of a movie costs a fair bit of money. Movie production costs include actors, director, lighting, staff, catering, & post production expenses. For this reason, Encephalitis Global is proud to have partnered with Jacob to accept financial donations for this important project.

Yes, it’s important.
Important to every encephalitis charity and group around the world.
No matter if your encephalitis is viral, autoimmune or other,
we need your help to raise funds for My Missing Mind.


Households touched by encephalitis are usually not in an excellent financial position. But, if you are reading this, you can help by donating a few minutes of your time. Please donate those minutes by taking time to share My Missing Mind far and wide. Share it on Facebook. Share it on Twitter. Share it with your medical professionals. Ask your employer or any local business if they could donate. (USA donors will receive a proper tax receipt.) Share it anywhere you interact with others.

Encephalitis Global is proud of this partnership.  We hope to premier the movie at FACES 2019!  You will find a link to donation information on the My Missing Mind website, or click EGlobal/My Missing Mind Donation to go straight to our donation web page.  

Please donate a few minutes of your time and share the My Missing Mind website today.

For this we salute you... and we thank you.