2015 Donors to Encephalitis Global, Inc. include the following:

GUESS? Inc., Todd Frampton, Mary Lou Cahalane, Vito and Janet Sciscioli, Lee and Ann Trentsch, Nancie deJoie, Susan and Gerald Galvin, Jr., Timothy and Tara Lyne, Robert M. Austin and Donna Murphy each have made a donation in 2015.                   


2014 Donors to Encephalitis Global, Inc. include the following:

Our sincere thanks to Morgan Kelly for your recent donation!,            Donation recently received from Dave in the UK.  Thank you!,            Thank you to John Badura for his generous donation in response to "God's Humor".   Much appreciated!,            Thank you to Esther Witte for your recent donation!,            Nickelodeon made a donation in recognition of "God's Humor".   Thank you!,            Donation received earlier this month from Janet Wagner in thanks for the book "God's Humor."  Thank you!,            Donation received earlier this month (re: God's Humor)  from Laura Quintino... thank you!,            Big thanks to Deborah Deats for your kind donation received by Ingrid earlier this week.,            Thank you to Carol's friends Debbie and Annie Crites for your kind donation!,            Thank you to Paul Tate from the UK for his kind donation!,            Thank you to Chan How Wan from Malaysia for his donation in acknowledgement of Marius' book, "God's Humor.",            Thank you to Debbie Grose for her donation in acknowledgement of Marius' book, "God's Humor". ,            Our sincere thanks to John Wallin for your recent donation.,            Donation received from Marius Van Welie, "In memorandum of Tamara, 42. Sunshine in many lives.”,            Donation deposited today from Pascale Schicks and Pierre-Andre Fruytier in memorium Danielle Landry,            Donation deposited today from J S Sher,            Donation deposited today from Elizabeth and Mark Carr, New Brunswick, Canada,            Donation deposited today from Rosemary and David Mccaffrey In memory of Danielle Landry, St. John, NB,            Thank you to Denise LeBlanc for donating profits from your children's book, Mr. Blue.,            Thank you to anonymous donor who said, "in gratitude for FACES 2014 speakers.",            Thank you to John Pagan for your recent donation.,            Thank you to Janet Settembro for your recent donation.,            Thank you to Marius Van Welie for his donation following recent purchase of his book.,            Thank you to Julien Favre for your recent donation.  We hope you enjoy viewing the FACES 2014 video!,            Thank you to Drina Brunsting for you recent donation.,            Thank you to Dolores Vozzo for your recent FACES 2014 Video donation.,            Thank you to Drina Brunsting for your recent donation.,            Thank you to Mark Carr of Nauwigewauk, New Brunswick for your donation in memory of Danielle Landry.,            Thank you to Monsieur et Madame Fruytier of Saint John, NB for their donation in memory of Mrs. Danielle Landry.,            Thank you to M VanWelie for his donation following 100 books ordered from Buenos Aires Argentina,            Thank you to the donor who sent a $50 donation and requested to remain anonymous.,            Donation received recently from Francois Landry of New Brunswick, Canada.  Thank you.,            Donations received earlier this week from Marius Van Welie following the sale of his book.  Thank you!,            Thank you to Paul Poirier from New Brunswck Canada for his donaton.,            Thank you to Janis Mazerolle from New Brunswick Canada for her donation.,            Thank you to Bernice OBrien from New Brunswick Canada for her donation.,            Donation received from Wendy Bauman from New Brunswick Canada  "In Memory of Danielle Landry.",            Received today a generous donation from Marius Van Welie.   Thank you! ,            Marius and Aad, speakers at the FACES 2014 Encephalitis Conference, made a generous donation.,            A number of attendees at the FACES 2014 Encephalitis Conference were kind enough to make a donation,            

2013 Donors to Encephalitis Global, Inc.  include the following:

A generous donation received today from George Guerci as a year-end contribution honoring his wife Ingrid's survival and her work with Encephalitis Global. ,            Donation recently received with the following message....   "Want to remain anonymous. With Enormous thanks to Encephalitis Global Much Appreciate all your efforts Wendy, Ingrid."  We want to say that we respect your wishes, and thank you sincerely!,            Thank you to Mildred "Millie" Houtekier for her recent donation.,            Our sincere thanks to Jim Guerci for his generous donation!,            Our sincere thanks to J.S. Sher for a generous donation received yesterday to assist in our campaign to raise awareness.,            Donations were recently received from Cherie Gutekunst, Mark Rubin, Denise Geese and Steven Shapiro, in memory of Felix Vozzo.   Sincere thanks to each of you.,            Donation recently received from Joan and Alex Hackett, Jr. in memory of Felix Vozzo.   Our thanks to you both!,            Donations received with our sincere thanks from Jack & Steph Regan, Bob & Donna Kapralick  and  Roy & Heather Pressler, each in memory of Felix Vozzo,            Our thanks for the contribution in memory of Felix Vozzo received today from Chris Nagle.,            Our thanks to Ramen and Carol Stewart from Frankfort, IN for their donation in memory of Garry Douglas Pullen,            Donation received from David and Christina Guffy in memory of Garry D. Pullen.  Thank you!,            Donation received in memory of Garry D. Pullen from Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kingsolver.  Thanks to you!,            Our sincere thanks to Fred and Jacquelyn Williams, Troy and Lucy Taylor, Paul and Rebecca Robbins, Thomas and Susan Smith, and Maria and Geoffrey Caldwell for their Donations Made in Loving Memory of Garry Pullen,            Donation received recently from Roland and Linda Johnson, "in memory of Garry Pullen, beloved husband, father, and grandfather."  Our condolences and sincere thanks to you both.,            Donation received recently from Eric Payton... sincere thanks to you Eric!,            Donation received today from Ellen Garcia.  Thank you, txblueeyes!,            Donation received today from Sandy Eustace. Sandy writes, "This donation is to honor my mother Judy Banko who is a survivor of Encephalitis on her Birthday January 8th. Thank you...I love you MOM!,            


2012 Donors to Encephalitis Global, Inc. include the following:

Our final donation in 2012 was received from J.S. Sher.   Sincere thanks to you!,              A donation received from Deborah Grose, "in Rememberance of our Mother Almeda H Sues for not listening to Doctors and her determination to make sure Carol lived as Normal Life  as possible.",              Received a donation today from Katie Smith in Germany... thank you!,              A donation  was received this morning from Tom and Chris Stanley of Tarrytown, NY.   Thank you!,              A donation received recently from  Angela D. Martin and Tony C. Martin was made in honor of several family members:  Becky and Gary Dennis, Polly and David Dunlap and Rosemary Snider.,              Donation  received today from Rosemary Snider:  "In Honor of Becky and Gary Dennis and Polly and David Dunlap."   Thank you!,              Donation received this week from Lavonne and Wilbur Dennis.... thank you!,              Donation received from Bob Morris recognizing "Donation Day."   Thank you Bob!,              Donation received  from Rosemary Snider. Her note says, "Enclosed is my check ... for conference expenses." Sincere thanks, Rosemary!,              Donation received from Leigh Eicke who wrote, "In support of FACES, the virtual Q&A and Encephalitis Global in general.  A great group!",              Donation received today from William Bloom, an associate of Becky Dennis.   Thank you William! ,              A donation was received today from Karen Johnson; thank you, Karen! ,              Neil Murakami made a generous donation, saying, "Thank YOU and group for all of your support.  As we live in Hawaii, we can't make the conference.  Hopefully our small donation will help someone else attend.",              Ingrid Guerci made a kind donation to assist another ot attend our FACES Conference.  Thank you!,              Becky Dennis made a kind donation to assist another to attend our FACES Conference.  Thank you!,              A donor who wishes to remain anonymous made a donation to attend our online virtual encephalitis conference.   Thank you!,              Nicola Nelson made a kind donation to FACES back in July 2012... but it somehow fell through the system until today.   Thank you sincerely!,              EGlobal received a kind donation earlier today.... sincere thanks to you, Judy Banko!,              A donor who wishes to remain anonymous sent $250 to assist others to attend FACES 2012.   ,              Beachaven donated, saying "MEMORY OF ALL THOSE WHO DID NOT SURVIVE (a.k.a. Fallen Angels).  The outpouring of tendernss and caring from other caregivers and non-survivors' loved ones is a real 'thing of beauty'.  It opens and touches my heart to read so much caring and support for one another.  Let's pray that the numbers stop increasing.",              An anonymous donation in the amount of $25,              Angela and Tony Martin in honor of Becky and Gary Dennis,              Judith Matechuk - In memory of Norm Matechuk from Susan Burton,              Diane Heywood from Winnipeg Manitoba,              Pam Makarewich in memory of Norman Matechuk,              Mark Pepper, Australia,              Virginia Saboe - In memory of my friend Norman Matechuk who lived with this disease and taught our doctors more than they ever knew before. May God watch over him now as we will miss him.,              Arno Springer - in memory of Norm Matechuk,              Steven and Debra Buskirk - sent In honor of The Reverend Bob Morris,              James Murray - Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida,              Joseph Toctocan - In appreciation for all the work you do. And for all the help extended by the members for my daughters treatment,              Jim Guerci in honor of Ingrid Guerci,              Michelle Novak,              Lavonne Dennis in honor of Becky and Gary Dennis,               Shirley M. Harding (Rochester NY) in honor of Bob Morris,              Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap honoring B & G Dennis,               

2011 Donors to Encephalitis Global, Inc. include the following:

2011 was been a fantastic year at Encephalitis Global, Inc. More and more people joined our “family” as our numbers approached 1500. Our November 2011 FACES  (Friends And Caregivers Encephalitis Survivors) Conference served as a catalyst to even greater work in the coming year. Noted presenters who donated their time and expertise included Dr. Jay VanGerpen, a neurologist from The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Russell  Addeo, a neuropsychologist, and Kati  Sowada, a cognitive therapist, both from Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, also in Jacksonville, Florida.
Encephalitis Global, Inc. is a non-profit organization, registered in the USA. All donations make a difference; no donation is too small. To date, twenty-one individuals and couples have helped with financial support for the ongoing work of raising awareness and supporting survivors and caregivers. We are deeply grateful for their generosity!

James Bell,·     Judy Banko  ,·     Dale Hunter & Bill Brunken             ,·     Kenneth Compton,·     Gary & Becky Dennis,·     Wilbur & Lavonne Dennis,·     David & Polly Dunlap,·     George & Ingrid Guerci,·     Don & Mary Hamernick,·     Shirley Harding    ,   ,·     Carol Hartley, ·     Jan Burke,·     Tony & Angela Martin,·     Laura Moran,·     Bob & Cathleen Morris,·     Steve & Nicola Nelson,·     Bruce & Jody Rodriquez,·     Susan Sher, ·     Barbara and Bernie Sciarpelletti,·     Rosemary Snider,·     Rick & Wendy Station